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Contact: admin@dilapidationsassociation.com

The Dilapidations Association is the trading name of the Dilapidations Association Ltd registered in England and Wales

Registered Company No. 11795999.

Registered Office: College Green, The Precinct, Rochester, Kent, ME1 1SR

© Dilapidations Asociation 2020


Membership of the Dilapidations Association costs £50 a year

The application form for membership of the Dilapidations Association is below.

Please complete the form and return it to admin@dilapidationsassociation.com together with your payment.

Become a Member

Dilapidations Association Membership Application Form 2021.pdf


The Association has adopted a Constitution to set out clearly how the Association should be run. It has also established Membership Rules to clearly state how members should conduct themselves. Both are attached below.


So why join us?

For just £50 a year (starting March 1st) all members will enjoy:

                At least 4 high quality CPD sessions per year on varied topics

                Networking opportunities

                Opportunities to meet like minded professionals to discuss topical                 issues in an informal environment

                Access to specially commissioned research (to follow) particularly on                 claims information and settlement figures.



Dilapidations Association Membership Rules.pdf The Dilapidations Association Constitution - final @ March 2018.pdf