The Dilapidations Association was created to promote opportunities for mutual discussion and learning.

Made up of surveyors, solicitors, valuers, M&E consultants and other professionals involved in dilapidations, the Association exists to share knowledge and information for the benefit of its members and to educate, support, nurture and promote dilapidations as an area of practice.

The Dilapidations Association is open to all professionals involved in dilapidations disputes or interested in the field of dilapidations.

The Dilapidations Association is run as a not for profit organisation with all surpluses ploughed back into dilapidations research and events.

The principle objectives of the Association include:

• Providing timely and relevant information to property professionals on dilapidations issues via quarterly    seminars and linked articles.

• Acting as a focal point for dilapidations discussion and debate

• Developing an industry leading dilapidations website with a member directory and best practice articles    and resources

• Commissioning research, particularly on claims information and settlement figures.

• Providing networking opportunities for Association members


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Contact: admin@dilapidationsassociation.com

The Dilapidations Association is the trading name of the Dilapidations Association Ltd registered in England and Wales

Registered Company No. 11795999.

Registered Office: College Green, The Precinct, Rochester, Kent, ME1 1SR

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